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For larger picture used on bakery site
Clicking on photo to the left shows the original 480x640 64K JPG image of a Two-layer Cream Cheese Filled Carrot Cake

Click for larger picture
At right is a rework of the above photo.
Clicking on it shows my enhanced picture with added text description and titling. By request business name was removed.
Optional picture editing with scannable textClick camera for example of extreme editing of this cake photo.
Image on closable web page with search engine friendly description.

For larger picture
Clicking on photo gives you the 480x640 64K JPG image of a White Chocolate Curl Cake originally displayed on bakery website

Click for larger picture
At right is the same photo I reworked.
Clicking on it will give you my upgraded version
with added text description and titling

At left is another reworked picture.
I created a content specific product and title graphic image for the site's important Bakery Section entry page

Holiday pastry wreath
A Venetian cream filled puff pastry and fruit Holiday Wreath
Click on picture of wreath for larger edited version of the massive original 2,986,038 byte JPG image that you can see at Large_fruit_wreath.jpg if you wait for it to load

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Web Presence Web Page (WP²) sample from my web portfolio.  It was built to demonstrate how I can create and promote a custom built web page to advertise a specific product's images or business on the Internet 24 hours a day 365 days a year for a fraction of what a full-blown web site would cost you.  At www.1Click4Help.com I host web pages like this for as little as $30 per year when I do the web design.
For a free web design quote call Larry Dallas at (714) 632-0529 Anaheim, California.

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