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As your Life Coach
   I can help you
with the following:

- Assertiveness
- Balancing Choices
- Building An Image
- Career Counseling
- Conflict Resolution
- Coping With Loss
- Death of Love-One
- Forgiveness
- Grief Counseling
- Job Search Plan
- Learning Intimacy
- Motivation
- Online Coaching
- Relationships
- Self Awareness
- Self-Esteem
- Sense of Self
- Success Strategies
- Time Management
- Unemployment

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Welcome to Horizons to Greater Success

Ernest Puchades MBA, CMC, Dip Bus Mgmt.I work with people wanting to fulfill their life's desires, Visions, Dreams, and goals. To create a greater awareness of "self", discover their values and purpose in life. To achieve a balanced life leading to fulfillment. A desire to embrace change, commit to learning from change and life's challenges on the road to success. To be aware and gentle of "self's" false beliefs - the barriers to success. To work from a state of "not knowing what to do", or "confusion", towards a vision that becomes a reality.
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     About Ernest Puchades My Philosophy of Life My Favorite Quotes

    "We can have more than we´ve got because
      we can become more than we are." -- Jim Rohn

How can I serve you in a manner that best supports you ?   [Click to see Coaching Programs]

  • What is Life asking of you ?
  • What have you got to Live for ?
  • What meaning can you find ?

Coaching Services: - In person

  • By phone
  • In person
  • By email
  • Via Internet Chat (Join Personal Life Coaching)
  • Your own method
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Additional Services: - Group Coaching

  • Seminars on how to strategise & work towards your ideal job.
  • Seminars on How to get a job in 45 days
  • Working with woman who wish to break through their "Glass Ceiling". In association with Woman's World Inc.

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