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One click to a solution to all your website design needs

You most likely got here by clicking on a button or image on a web page that I am currently working on for a new website or a web page that I am using for a live web design proposal. Click on the logo above to go to my development website's on-line design portfolio to see samples of my original web art and custom web designs.

Are your customers going to inferior competitors
just because they have a website?

Would you like a multi-paged custom designed business website but your company's financial plan didn't include anything in the budget for website development, Internet marketing or E-commerce promotions?

How does a complete* business website for $950 sound?
Email me or click on the 1Click4Help logo above for details

Do you have a small family business that has a really tight operating budget or do you just don't have an extra $950 for a website?

My $200 Web Presence Web Pages (WP²) can advertise your
business and give you an Internet presence for two years!

When our WP² web page starts bringing in new customers from the Internet and you decide to upgrade to a full website with a personalized company domain name like you will get up to a $200 discount on the cost of the upgrade.

* $950 complete website consist of up to 6 custom designed web pages, new single domain name registration or existing domain transfer costs, basic search engine promotional campaign, keyword research & recommendations, limited analysis of competition on the Internet, 5 hours of live customer support, unlimited E-mail support, 1-year 100 MB website web hosting including 4 E-mail accounts, unlimited E-mail forwarding, unlimited mailing lists and FrontPage 2002 support. This is a one-time charge for the design of a new website and its web hosting for a full year; there are no additional monthly charges or fees.
Basic website maintenance and support packages for subsequent years, not involving web design, start at $350 for 1-year prepaid coverage. All ongoing support packages include domain name renewal.