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Awanda Bradley 
Manufacturer Representative
of Fine Giftware Products
P/F: 530 878.0603 ~ Auburn, CA


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Northern California Giftware Rep for

WeaveWood, Inc. quality woven wood kitchenware
African Mahogany Weavewood Bowl and TongsIn addition to being the only giftware manufacture's sales representative for WeaveWood® Inc. serving Northern California I also rep for six other quality gift lines.  I represent factory gift products ranging from the most elegant and unusual of anniversary and wedding gifts to practical everyday kitchen & outdoor serving utensils and gourmet dinnerware.

Woven wood bread basketThe beauty of Weavewood® makes it a matchless wedding gift that will be used and cherished for many years to come.  Its unique manufacturing process makes it completely dishwasher safe, practically unbreakable and durable enough for both private and commercial use.  Listed below are just a few of the millions of satisfied customers that use Weavewood® every day.Weavewood seal of quality

  • Hotels like The Waldorf Astoria
  • Resorts like the world known Disneyland
  • Casinos like The Mirage in Las Vegas
  • Restaurants like well known Sizzler Family Steak House
  • Clubs like the famous Oakland Athletic Club
  • Military like the staff dining room in the Pentagon Tableside Serving Bowl and Stand with removable legs
  • Institutions like Mercy Hospital's Coffee Shop
  • Banks like the Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y.
  • more... (Click link to see more happy customers)

Suger and Spice Unwoven wooden bowl and serversIn 1947 Weavewood® Inc. was founded by Howard H. Thompson, of Minneapolis, Minnesota as a result of the health department's ban on wooden bowls in local restaurants. Mr. Thompson believed that a bowl could be made of wood and at the same time meet sanitation guidelines. A unique formulation and manufacturing process was developed after working closely with chemists for many years.  It is a process that has changed very little in 55 years.  The product was patented and the name Weavewood® became a registered trademark.  The family business has been selling its distinctive "dishwasher-safe" woodenware products ever since.
ZebrawoodSugarberryAfrican MahoganyAmerican Black Walnut
WeaveWood® is hand-crafted from genuine hardwoods including Zebrawood, Sugarberry, African Mahogany and the legendary American Black Walnut.

Sugar N Spice
Plus Weavewood® Inc. own distinctive Sugar N' Spice

Zebrawood dinner plate and salad bowl
For retail gift shop, gourmet store and restaurant owners that are interested in seeing the Weavewood® product line the best way to contact me is by E-mail at  If your store is not located in my territory I'll pass on your inquiry to a local factory representative. If you would like to know what retail stores in my area carry Weavewood® drop me a line and let me know where you live.  I will direct you to the store or gift shop nearest you currently carrying the genuine Weavewood® product-line.

Suger N Spice woven wood bowlIt is possible to match your dining room or restaurant décor with different woods, 2-tone weave designs, dyes and 1 to 4 color company logos with a custom order without significantly increasing the price.  E-mail me or call to arrange an appointment to discuss your specific needs, get quotes and lead times.

Unwoven Wood Salad TongsAll woven and unwoven wood products made by Weavewood® Inc. are uniform in quality, construction, weight, thickness, and appearance, and have a special treated core that makes them completely dishwasher safe and so strong that you can kiss your breakage good-bye!  Weavewood® will not warp, absorb oils or food odors in use, and have no "finish" to rub or flake off.  The wood pores are saturated with a high grade FDA food approved melamine resin, creating a sealed, sanitary, and durable surface.
Weavewood Steak Platters keep your BBQ creations sizzlingProducts with 18/8 stainless steel and cast aluminum platters will not burn their wooden under-liners; however, only the metal portion of these items are designed to handle the heat of an oven. When serving meals on heated items, such as the steak platter, quest should be warned that the plate is very hot and it will remain hot throughout their meal.  Every Weavewood® product has been tested and inspected by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and was found to "comply with the intent" of their provisions.

Wholesale customers and custom order buyers


Awanda Bradley
Phone/FAX: (530) 878-0603 ~ Auburn, CA

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Weavewood® is a registered trademark, your guarantee of unsurpassed quality in
dishwasher-safe woodenware.  Weavewood® has always protected its trademark,
and continues to educate people about the differences between Weavewood® and
the cheap knock-offs. Nearly all genuine Weavewood® products have a circle with
the words "Weavewood Inc. Minneapolis" molded right into the bottom of them.