Miva Merchant Shopping Cart

Miva Merchant is one of today's most popular e-commerce development software packages used by merchants and web designers to build on-line storefronts.  The software uses a series of wizards and parameter settings to simplify and speed the process of creating attractive merchandise web pages.  This saves a website's designer and its owner time and money because costly custom web programming can be avoided.  Features such as order fulfillment and upsell merchandising are already a part of Miva Merchant.  Its modular architecture combined with superior flexibility enables a deep-down customization capability of your storefront.
NOTE: Miva Merchant comes with all* 1Click4Help website hosting packages. Our starter and basic hosting packages process shopping cart orders securely using a P2P (person-to-person) payment service through their secure site. An upgrade to one of our standard are higher hosting packages or the purchase of a SSL certificate would be required for clients wishing to use their own merchant account.
10MB disk of WP012 package too small to support Miva Merchant

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