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Examples of Original Websites:
Movie House Diner Catering
Movie House Diner ~ Originally this was a website for an Orange, California restaurant which was patterned after an old fashioned American malt shop. Creating its graphics and animated web art was one of the most enjoyable projects that I have worked on to date.  Early in 2003 was converted to support the client's catering business while they scouted for a new location for the actual diner.
Tulocay Cemetery after redesign project
Homepage before web design changesTulocay Cemetery ~ This website was completely re-engineered from the ground floor up. It shows how creating content specific web art and using high quality, web optimized digital photographs and web safe colors can brighten up an otherwise drab website. BEFORE homepage buttons link to current site.
Concept drawing for web design
Customer's original idea for homepage.
This sketch was what the owner of Urban Inspections had in mind for the main concept he wanted to convey on new website's homepage for his established building inspector business. Click on the image for an enlargement.

Go to Orange and LA County property inspector company website
Image created from customer's sketch.
Click on image to go and see other custom web art created for the homepage of this client's website. Coming up with unique images that visitors to this site would associate with the inspection of residential and commercial buildings has been challenging. The site is currently under construction.

Original Molly's Angels WebsiteMolly's Angels ~ I volunteered to redesign a few web pages for this Napa Valley, California victims assistance organization into a true website and arranged for the web hosting of the domain name that they already had.  A local "angel" has recently taken over getting news releases and photos from the local events added to the site.  The new Webmistress of is donating her design skills to replace my 1999 web pages with a much needed redesign.
Visit My Kristi OnlineMy Kristi ~ To aid an Oklahoma woman in her fight to change the laws in her state I arranged and helped pay for the first year's funding and built after reading about her efforts in a local newspaper.  A bill addressing the desired changes was introduced and passed into law within six months of the site's creation.  Early in 2003 the domain name was lost to a pirate when it was mistakenly allowed to expire; every aspect of the original website was my work.
Visit John's Rose Garden OnlineVisit the Internet rose garden
John's Rose Garden ~ This is my first totally independent venture into web design. So far it has won a number of well-respected design awards as well as the coveted Spider Award for its worldwide #1 ranking on search engines.  In addition to some of my early web art efforts you can see many examples of my floral and landscape photography on the site. ~ Originally created as a development platform for web page design this website has become my online resume and career search headquarters. Everything you see here is my original work.

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